From the recording Radio Free Earth

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I lost myself in the Black Hills / when I cast my lot with Crazy Horse
A bullet grazed me at Wounded Knee / Nobody cares I’m alive
They banished me to the Badlands / where I danced with the ghosts of the buffalo
Sons of gods once walked these lands / till the demons drove ’em out
Now I stand upon Mount Rushmore / and I gaze across this country
I see a mercenary army / and it’s marching off a cliff
From the Halls of Montezuma / to the shores of Ellis Island
Nobody trusts nobody / This house is built on lies

Oh, somebody help me / Oh, somebody help me

The storm is gaining strength now / The ocean waves come pounding
Water rising in the streets / The floodgates open wide
I’m squinting now to see it / the palace on the mountain
The king has taken all his things / and fled in his new clothes
There’s fury in the city / questions left unanswered
I’ve slogged ten thousand miles / but this world is not my home
You can’t stop the Great Migration / no matter who’s your uncle
Change is comin’ round here / walk softly where you go

Oh, somebody help me / Oh, somebody help me

No one really knows where we’re bound
No one can be sure what’s been found
The fever burns, I feel the pain / So much blood’s been spilt in vain
On this sacred ground

They sent me off to battle / where I was made to kill my brother
I’ve become the thing I hated / What’s happened to my soul?
I’ve listened to the elders / Now their silence grows deadly
I dream of children burning / and I cannot make it stop
The child with no mother / is in the eagle’s talons
She’s laughing and she’s shouting at me / “Pay up for your crimes!”
Sometimes I sit in silence / and I hear a flute play softly
I beg my breath for power / tears streaming down my face

Oh, somebody help me / Oh, somebody help me
Oh, somebody help me / Oh, somebody help me