A River of Light 

A river of light cuts through the night 
How deep the depths, how high the flight 
Reclaim your life by losing all you've kept 
There's a ladder to climb one rung at a time 
There's a path to follow however…

Mardi Gras 

Hey there Mardi Gras
Remember what you saw
The other night before
  You said you were invited
  You were so excited

Hey there Mardi Gras
Pick it up a little more
Get your feet up off the floor
   Then you'll…

Gypsy Lullaby 

Go to sleep my little one
   There's a world beyond the moon
Go to sleep my pretty one
   And you'll be there soon

- Music by Joshua Wachtel, Lyric by Alexei Panshin

Ana Toth, violin
Josh Wachtel, guitar and vocal

Coup D'Etat 

A song about the life cycle of dictators

Triumphantly you mount your steed 
  And parade the boulevard 
The trumpets sound and flowers fly 
  It's the changing of the guard 

Men strew your path with gifts of gold 
  As they pledge…

Ominous Dawn

The banner on my facebook page is a sunrise. It was a snapshot taken by Kim at my urging round about October 2003 in San Diego. The clouds are smoke, and we woke to ash on our car. For several…

When everything changed

It's about a week since I realized that there was no more pretending that the COVID-19 pandemic wasn't going to really affect us here. There was a 24-hour period of internal wrestling and decision making, emails, phone calls and discussion…