Tune Into Radio Free Earth

When you least expect it, a song, an album, a band you’ve never heard before, grabs you by the nape of the neck and carries you to a place both far far away and right there in your heart.

By presenting rare gems they’ve unearthed from the tremendous heritage of American and world music during the past hundred years, along with their own insightful, incisive, humorous and moving originals, Radio Free Earth forges a coherent repertoire from the most diverse elements.

At once irreverent and serious, humorous and instructive, acoustic and electric, political and spiritual, Radio Free Earth takes you on a musical journey that illuminates the human condition along with possibilities for transcending our present circumstances.

Joshua Wachtel launched Radio Free Earth in 1998 as a Crossover band that could play all kinds of music and speak to the moment as times changed. Since then, he has performed solo, with Radio Free Earth as a duo, a 7-piece band and everything in between. Wife Kimberly Wachtel joined the group in late 2002. Josh and Kim are currently based in western Massachusetts.

Radio Free Earth has performed on the East and West coasts, in Ottowa, Canada, and at the birthplace of Dracula in Romania. The group has just released its eighth and first studio CD self-titled Radio Free Earth.